Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sukkot at Holy Name Medical Center

During the Festival of Sukkot, Jewish physicians, staff, and patients’ visitors are able to enjoy their meals in the Holy Name Medical Center sukkah.  Located in the ground floor patio area, the sukkah was first erected for Sukkot 2012 observance, with the enthusiastic support of Holy Name President/Chief Executive Officer Michael Maron and Executive Vice President/ Chief Medical Officer Adam Jarrett, MD, who joined staff members in the sukkah for lunch and celebration several times during the festival.

Sister Breda Boyle, Director of Pastoral Care at Holy Name, noted that providing a sukkah for our physicians, staff members and Jewish patients and family members is “very much in keeping with the Holy Name tradition of caring that addresses the medical, cultural and spiritual needs of every patient and our mission to serve every member of our community.”